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Join Psi Chi

Psi Chi is an International Honor Society for excellence in psychology. WVU was chartered in 1948 as the 60th chapter.

Undergraduate Requirements
  • 3.2 Psychology GPA
  • 3.0 Overall GPA
      • Must have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of your class
  • Completion of at least 9 Psychology credit hours
  • Must be enrolled as a student at WVU and be at least a second-semester sophomore
  • Must be enrolled as a major or minor in a Psychology Program
  • One-time payment of an initiation fee of $60.00
      • $5 optional add-on to join the Psychology Club simultaneously (totaling $65)
      • Fee waivers are available in the case of financial need (contact the current club president)
Transfer Students
  • Must meet the above requirements
  • Complete at least one semester of coursework at WVU
  • Complete 9 hours of Psychology courses at WVU
Graduate Requirements
  • Please contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Daniel McNeil (, or visit for information regarding your situation.
Application Form
  • Apply virtually here.
  • Form also available in the mailbox outside of LSB 1106
  • May be slid under the door to LSB 1106 (Psychology Club Office) or submitted to the Psi Chi mailbox in LSB 1124 (Psychology Main Office).
  • Will be reviewed by Dr. McNeil each Fall (for December graduates) and Spring (for May graduates).
      • He will contact you via the email address written on your form regarding the payment of your initiation fee
      The Psi Chi initiation ceremony occurs each Spring. (A small, informal ceremony may be arranged for December graduates). Food and drink will be provided for new inductees and their families. Each inductee will receive a certificate and a Psi Chi pin. Inductees will have the opportunity to wear a Psi Chi Honors Stole (extra charge) at their graduation ceremony.
Thank you for considering Psi Chi!